TOP: ..::ILLI::.. Italian Shirt (wear to unpack) – deluxe
::K:: Shoulder Knit OffWhite

BOTTOM: BakaBoo – Cray Cray Pants – S – Ocean

SHOES: MADRIGAL:. MALE Leather Sandals “Daniel”

no.match_HAIRBASE B macchiato

EYES: {S0NG} :: Hex~ Pale Green Eye [L]
{S0NG} :: Oxy~ Sunshine Eye [R]

ACCESSORIES: Colorful Easter Egg Set – Eggs on Grass
Bowtique – Easter Spring Basket
Prize easter eggs
GizzA – Mystical Wings / Ear Cuffs [Blue]
(Yummy) Spring Rings – Bee
Dancing Butterflies – Yellow


Mr Virtual World Russia 2017 BALMAIN

MVW 2017 Russia Saddii HeadMVW Saddii Russia 2017 Full

TOP: ::GB::Long open shirt / Blue
Scandal Fashions Mens U Neck Rippled 12 Shirt Fat Pack TMP

BOTTOMS: ..::ILLI::.. Ralph Loafers (wear to unpack) – deluxe

SHOES: ..::ILLI::.. Ralph Loafers (wear to unpack) – deluxe

ACCESSORIES: **RE** Savage Ears Piercings 1.1
**RE** Savage Necklace
L&B Celtic Leaves Wedding Band-Platinum

HAIR: *Dura-Boy*71 – LIGHT COLOR -B-
no.match_HAIRBASE B macchiato

EYES: {S0NG} :: Hex Eyes
{S0NG} :: Oxy Eyes / Ghost

MAKE UP: Madrid Solo- Male Designs-Manscara


steampunk Formal HeadSteampunk Formal Full

TOP: (WEAR ME) David Bowie Coat / Fur Collar (The Grey Goose)
Zibska ~ Keallach Pauldrons [no transfer]
BOTTOMS: :: D-Style – Legit Pants Black Stripe w.HUD ::
SHOES: ::ZED:: MESH Black Python Leather Ankle Boots
ACCESSORIES: +Half-Deer+ Raven [Black Glitter]
Eudora 3D Steampunk Dynamite Hat Black
HoR She rings – ruby/gold
~Casuka~ “Golath” – monocle gold
::OESSO::Steampunk men necklace
EYES: 176 Grim Bros. overclocked – unisex mechanical gear eyes HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\ Jungh hair – Fades


MMI HEAD ANDROGYNY saddii residentMMI FULL ANDROGYNY Saddii resident

Looking at what this style means to me, i can think of only one style.Something bold, daring, yet has both feminine and masculine appeal I have always liked doing the darker side of styles, and i feel this was my chance to do just that.

My inspiration when i think back of hmm what would rockers wear that want to be bold? well rocky horror picture show came to mind. So going with that i dug out a long black military trench from GB. This to hide some of the goods ya Then deciding on a Schadenfreude Noir corset to try and give myself that Rocky Horror look to match the Genderpunk Penta Platform heels for men i chose. a thong tops it all off folks..if it isn’t thong, it isn’t complete…

Ive always been known for my Boldness, and im not afraid to step out on this runway and show exactly the flair i have in my styling. I hope you all enjoy this look, as it was amazing to come up with. tips my top hat and smiles



MMI Blades of Glory FULL saddii residentMMI Blades of Glory Head saddii resident

I must say, this wasnt exactly an easy one to come up with as far as inspiration. I looked through must have been a dozen photos of this theme online before t finally hit me…I love the movie, it is funny and very different. where else do you see a male couples

Going with a pair of black croco biker pants from GT, i thought this is so chaz Michaels. Wanting to be a little different i decided on a sparkling red Tee shirt from Robert designs…now come on,,who dont like a little pazaz!. A plain black leather biker vest from NyDesigns brings it all together…

Lacing up my RFC skates, I step out onto the ice..where my partner is..hmph who knows. the show must go on!


MMI Full Fiction Formal saddii residentMMI HEAD Fictional Formal saddii resident

When I first drew the box Fictional Formal, the first thought that came to my mind was..white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, but formally dressed for that date he was late to.

My inspiration took off from there. Pulling my HHC – Coupe Men’s Suit jacket from the closet. Then i thought I would solidify the formal theme of this outfit with white tuxedo trousers and the classic black satin stripe down the leg from L & B. No ensemble is complete without a pair of Hoorenbeek black and white dress shoes. I decided a nice white fur stole with golden chain would be perfect for my fur aspect in theme, adding a steam works pocket watch to the chain gave it just the right touch. My white rabbit mask completes my look and over all vision of what i feel makes a Fictional Formal. Oh WAIT! I almost forgot my whimsical addition of the fluffy white tail to remind each of us that no matter how formal the event, there’s always room for a wink and a grin.

Challenge MMI 2017 Party like it’s 1999


I wasnt always a fan of Prince, but cant argue the fact the man was an excellent artist of his time. Songs like Party like it’s 1999, Little red covert, and let’s not forget the movie Purple Rain.

Well loved by many, his way of style was always one of boldness and flair. My inspiration you could say was driven by the movie, the bold purple, like on my trench outfit by AB called The Kid. And isnt that what they called him at times in this film.. hehe.

The high waist flair pants, the high heel boots from A&A topped it off. I wanted a little mix of his different styles, so i added the black lace mask for that mysterious appeal, and the Faith cross purple ring.

Walking out on that stage the classic purple inca guitar strapped to my back, i was ready to rock…I was ready to party like it’s 1999!!

TOP: AB The Kid

SHOES: A&A princess black suede ethnic silver button boots


Prince Symbol Fascinator Guitars
crossing faith purple ring



Spending time by the fire, listening and watching my family in the distance, brings such joy to me during the holidays. Dressed in my best, a Vero Modero Salvo Suit and Sipping my sweet wine. Thinking of loved ones that can’t be with us this year, and remembering the good times. This is the way Christmas time should be, and is how i love to spend mine.

TOP: [VM] VERO MODERO / Salvo Suit Set Mesh

SHOES:-NU- Formal Shoes Red


ACCESSORIES: Dutchie Wine Glass

POSE: RKPoses_Nico 5 Modero) FORMAL)